Nanonote bricked and dead?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri Jun 17 04:18:05 EDT 2011

> If I can't get it to work... What should I do David
> (Samblas)? I guess soldering it without experience would be a sure
> warranty voider :D Btw, I can't find the receipt... if I can't get it
> to work, do you need it? I assume I have it, but since I can't find it
> in the "receipt place", I don't know where it should be.

Well, if you think your soldering is so bad that you will surely damage
the device, then maybe don't try. Proper soldering will not void any
warranty imo. The biggest beginner mistake is to apply too much heat,
when you hold the hot iron in contact with the test points too long.
In that case the test point itself may come off, which is very hard
to fix. The soldering itself should happen in under a second.

Don't worry about receipt, we all know each other and you obviously
cannot have the Ben for more than 2 years. Plus I am very interested
in general to get damaged units back for analysis, even if they are
5 or 10 years old.

So I think the way it works is that you just ship your Ben back to
Tuxbrain, ideally in the original case, but if that's gone then just
wrap it nicely.

Tuxbrain S.L.
Pso Doctor Moragas 187 4 3
08210 Barbera del Valles

Then a new Ben will arrive a little later :-)
Cheers, and thanks a lot for your patience in analyzing this on your end,

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