Ben-WPAN press pickup

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Fri Jun 17 15:27:56 EDT 2011

Great to get some pickup about the Ben-WPAN, but it shows how
consumers think about these products/projects, which should not be
shrugged off, but learned from...

** read the comments

Also LWN picked up from my blog:

The register also picked it up and actually does a pretty good write-up!

Read the comments:

Here is a nice blog post about UBB-VGA

Also, the Wikipedia page grows:

Regardless, any post to these sites is traffic towards a shop.

David, is there some pricing problem on your shop? I've noticed a few
people saying this.

So, overall, I would consider this mini-hacker launch pretty
successful guys. David, did that help to move some units of ATBEN and

My criticism of this entire process and what we have to work on on the
Qi side is to work on the message of our projects/products to the real
world. That is something that is ongoing and we learn from.


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