Ben-WPAN press pickup

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Jun 17 17:24:56 EDT 2011

jon at wrote:
> Great to get some pickup about the Ben-WPAN,

Indeed. Thanks a lot ! This is going places ! :)

> Regardless, any post to these sites is traffic towards a shop.

The reactions are pretty good. Many people dislike the speed, which
is understandable. Some don't see the point at all, but then are
equally quickly set straight by others.

> David, is there some pricing problem on your shop? I've noticed a few
> people saying this.

I think his shop has two issues with the prices:

1) by default, prices are with intra-EU taxes. He's obliged by law
   to include the taxes, but this could be done in a more obvious
   way. Also, there's no indication of what the prices would be for
   extra-EU customers, or how to find out.

2) when/if extra-EU customers try to place an order, they will notice
   a sudden price change. That's because, once it know the customer's
   location, the shop will decide whether taxes have to be applied or

   Even though it's a change in their favour, this will confuse
   customers. Particularly since there's no hint of what's going on.
   Has the product's price just been lowered ? Are prices just
   random ? Is the price shown low, but the high price will return
   later ?

   In general, if you advertize something at price X and then ask for
   price Y, where X != Y, people will get suspicious. A shop AI that
   silently adjusts prices for you is unexpected. Few will guess what
   happened. The rest will assume they're being cheated in some way.
   Not good.
> My criticism of this entire process and what we have to work on on the
> Qi side is to work on the message of our projects/products to the real
> world. That is something that is ongoing and we learn from.

Yes. I'd love a wiki one can usefully edit. The Web interface is a
pain. The workflow, even compared to writing directly in HTML, feels
like carving text into stone ... without a chisel, just your bare,
bleeding fingers :-)

The inconvenience of the wiki causes me a great reluctance to put
anything there, yet it being the "standard" place for putting things
makes it impolite to bypass it. A lose-lose situation.

I think the inconvenience of the wiki also contributes to the general
disconnectedness of articles. Working in an ephemeral environment,
where one wrong click can destroy all your work, and where there's no
way to save intermediate results, encourages a hurried and necessarily
superficial approach.

A git-based wiki with a local renderer would neatly solve all these
issues. A while back, I saw several quite promising projects that
worked in that direction. Has still none of them succeeded to produce
a usable result ?

- Werner

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