Ben-WPAN press pickup

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Jun 17 22:34:21 EDT 2011

Joshua Judson Rosen wrote:
> I think (from what I understand of it) you may have just designed Ikiwiki :)

I don't want to design anything ! All I want are one or two nice,
simple tools ... *sob*

Ikiwiki looks pretty cool. Also has a MediaWiki renderer. However, I
haven't seen a way to render changes before pushing them into the

> There are other considerations, too, of course--like, if you're hoping
> to grow a community..., you might be better off using whatever tool
> the community thinks works better for it--even if you hate it.

I know, I know ... the thing is that I'm extremely uncomfortable with
the tool we currently have and this makes me work in patterns that
are quite counter-productive, which in turn causes others to try to
help in ways that just make things worse, etc.


That would solve the pull/push process. And it has conflict handling.
Very good so far. What's still missing is the local renderer, though.

I wonder if it's also good for uploading images:

I quite often have images that are the result of a non-trivial
generation process. If something along the line changes, I just
"make" and maybe "make upload" and everything is up to date. With a
non-scriptable process, this turns into first running the automated
part ("make"), then finding the notes with instructions for the
manual part, and going through whatever rites the Web interface

Every step in the manual part is just an opportunity to make a
mistake. I'm sure I would appreciate this approach a lot more if my
objective was to make more mistakes ...

Thanks for your suggestions ! I think this may be going somewhere.

- Werner

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