Driver and firmware status for atusb

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri Jun 17 23:24:01 EDT 2011

> Reichl have impressive technology, but as I understand it, they're
> not an inexpensive resource.

Oh quite to the contrary. Reichl is a 1-man shop of an old white-hair
guy with a lot of experience, super friendly, etc.

When Sebastien asked whether he can go to his (very chaotic) lab for
'personal experiments' (=without paying), he immediately agreed.
I should have taken some pictures from the lab.

Now, of course, everything has limits. Reichl is making a living
with his lab, it's not a hackerspace where anybody could just walk
in and use equipment (which is not even possible at most hackerspace
afaik). But it comes close, it is definitely far far away from the
typical company.

@Werner - essentially, Reichl is someone like you, just focused on
RF/emi/radar/etc. He doesn't have much equipment or experience with
protocols though, which is what makes some 'currently hot' equipment
very expensive (3G/LTE/etc). His lab is more about radio/emi
fundamentals, maybe 20 times the size of yours, and him 20 years
older :-)


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