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> Hello All,  Is anyone using the default gForth that comes with Ben? If
> so, is it working?

Perfectly working and well maintened (by me :)

Well, what doesn't work is gForth's interface to C-libraries
('c-function' & friends).  But we have the latest gforth-CVS assembler
support in it (ABI-CODE), and I already coded a simple C-interface in

Here is a demo that shows how to do graphics from gForth:

The manual corresponding to the CVS snapshot (documenting the recent
ABI-CODE stuff) can be found here:

If you read german, here is an article about gForth on the NanoNote:

Ah, and if you want to do hardware-hacking, you can use gForth to
programm the GPIOs at high speed (see the jz47xx_gpio_demo.fs file).
Might take a UBB board to be useful.

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