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Hey Jadon , the video part looks quite good!!!, but I was unable to listen
the audio but the few first seconsd, can anyone confirm the bad audio? I so
you can upload it again with the correct audio please?

I totally agree on the video tutorials , I find time I will sub them on
spanish, but first I have to know what you are saying :P

2011/6/18 Jadon Dutra <jadon at>

> **
> Hello everyone, I recently bought a Ben Nanonote and am very happy with it.
> One thing I noticed is that while there are a few videos out there of the
> Ben being uboxed, there aren't really any video tutorials. I've made a
> sought of sample one here:
> I was wondering if I could get some feedback on this video so that I can
> make better quality vids. I was thinking on covering some of the ultra
> basics, like flashing the Ben, installing software from the reps and that
> sought of thing.
> --Jadon
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