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> On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 12:52:24AM +0100, Emeka wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> Is anyone using the default gForth that comes with Ben? If so, is it
>> working?

> yes, i am using it, and it works well, actually i want to use a forth
> version on the naked machine :]

/me had such thoughts, too.  Maybe the easiest way to achieve something
like that would be to compile gforth as a kernel module and just run it
in kernel mode (maybe use a terminal in user-mode to talk to it :)

I guess quite some hacking would be required to make that work.

Another option would be to try to add code to the gforth-ec subsystem to
create a gforth-ec firmware image that can be loaded from uboot.  As as
starting point, have a look at the './build-ec' script at the base of
the latest gforth sources (try the latest CVS version).

e.g. running

  ./build-ec r8c 

creates a gforth-ec firmware image for the renesas r8c controller.

But then, what do you want to do with gforth, that won't work from


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