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>>>>> "jon at rejon" == jon at rejon org <jon at> writes:

> Hi I wonder how others synchronize their nanonote to their other
> devices, including main computer?


> So I want to hear how others solve this and I want to collect these on
> a wiki page with solutions and an ideal path if we had unlimited time
> and resources.

Well, I'm used to keeping everything in SVN, so synchronization works by
doing 'svn ci' and 'svn up' at the right times :)

(Never rely on other synchronization.)

That said, I know that my brother syncs his laptop with various machines
using 'rsync'.  If you just use the right options to make rsync check
file timestamps before overwriting, that seems to work.  Rsync works
over ssh, so that would work well with the nanonote.

BTW can we include an svn client with the nanonote?


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