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>>>>> "Emeka" == Emeka  <emekamicro at> writes:

> Hello David, Thanks for the links..... I am saving money to enroll
> into a German class soon :(   I tried this ..  root at BenNanoNote:/#
> gforth -v gforth 0.7.0-2010913 root at BenNanoNote:/# gforth gforth:
> cannot open image file in path :/usr/lib/gforth/
> site-forth:usr/share/gforth/site-forth:/usr/lib/gforth/0.7.0-2010913:/usr/share
> /gforth/0.7.0-2010913 for reading

Which version of the nanonote-firmware are you using?  There was an
ancient version that included a broken (alpha) version of the port.

If you don't want to flash your ben, you can try the gforth package

maybe also needs

(put on NN and run: opkg install *.ipk)

But i'd recommend you reflash.



> What should I do to get the interpreter working?

> Emeka

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