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Jadon Dutra jadon at
Sun Jun 19 18:53:48 EDT 2011

Okay thanks for the feedback, it was very helpful. And yes it will be
fine to upload the original. I've also made another video, (I added a
cc-by bumper at the beginning) about USB Booting (very basic, I know.) I
also tried to render the videos in .ogg, but it didn't work for some
reason, so they're in mpg2 at the moment. You can download the video
original video here: 
And the USB Boot tutorial here: 

David, you raised an issue about the sound, I'm not sure why that is, as
it works fine when I play it on youtube. There is a bit of a stutter
right at the beggining, that was just a quirk of the video editor I was
using (Kdenlive) 

The rotating Ben is a 3D model I made on Blender3D. The textures were
from photos I took of my own Ben. The blue patch (and there is also a
red dot) is just light in the original photo. I might refine the model
for future videos. 

About Joe being the default editor...oops, that was a bit of a mistake.
When I was recording it just seemed like the right thing to say :P I
might go ahead and change it in the re-upload. Thanks for the
correction :) 


On Sat, 2011-06-18 at 13:44 +0000, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:

> Jadon,
> seriously this is awesome!
> I believe this is the first Ben NanoNote tutorial video...
> (David: I could hear the audio just fine playing directly from youtube)
> Before giving you feedback on the video itself, would it be acceptable
> for you to upload the original (.avi or whatever you had) to some place
> and confirm that you license it under cc-by or a similar free license?
> That would allow me to convert it to Ogg Theora, upload to the Qi wiki
> and embed on pages there... If you don't have a good upload place, I can
> create a people folder on for you and you can
> upload it there (please email me your ssh public key in that case).
> About the video:
> I really love how calm you do the whole thing. So relaxing compared to
> many other over-the-top videos.
> [0:10]
> The beginning and end sequence with the rotating Nano is nice, how did
> you do this (which program)? I noticed a blue patch on the back of the
> NanoNote when it rotates, not sure why that is so.
> [1:39]
> The next thing that struck me is how you admit right away that you
> "don't know" why one network interface ends in .100 and one in .101.
> We need more of this type of tutorial. I'm like this too, all the time.
> Every day I face so many things that are new to me, and I just
> "don't know" what's going on - but somehow we continue, right? Cool!
> [3:03]
> "joe is the default text editor for the Ben NanoNote"
> Don't say that :-) Believe it or not, the Ben NanoNote launched as a
> 'dedicated vi device', but of course you are free to call joe the
> default editor... :-)
> [3:42]
> "Like OpenWrt, whatever that is - OpenWord"
> As before, I like how you pull forward through the video. Why not?
> OpenWrt is cryptic indeed. I also don't know the proper pronounciation
> of stdio.h btw...
> [4:30]
> .exe extension for executable file is unusual I'd say.
> Bottom line: Very nice video, very very nice. If you streamline
> the production a little on your side, maybe you can make more?
> With your style of how you jump into unknown areas, and somehow
> pull out again, I'm sure both new and old NanoNote users will enjoy
> your videos very much...
> Cheers,
> Wolfgang
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