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I use SCP and a simple udev rule to back up my home directory
automatically when I plug in my Nanonote. I also use SCP for file
* jon at (jon at wrote:
> Hi I wonder how others synchronize their nanonote to their other devices,
> including main computer?
> This is an area where free software (or ourselves) has failed and
> drastically failed moms dads and non nerds and non geeks.
> So you now see that android platform and now this icloud solve two general
> computing and linux disaster areas: synchronization and backups.
> So I want to talk with you all about how you sync and backup your nanonote.
> If you are like me you are using rsync to do this.
> So I want to hear how others solve this and I want to collect these on a
> wiki page with solutions and an ideal path if we had unlimited time and
> resources.
> Its good to dream.
> jon at

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