Memory usage for ubifs writes

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Mon Jun 20 03:43:39 EDT 2011

>>>>> "David" == David Kuehling <dvdkhlng at> writes:

>> Hi,

>> when trying to save a 17kB file in Emacs to my 1.5GB ubifs data
>> partition, the OOM killer kills emacs, although at least 5MB of RAM
>> should still be available.  This could be an emacs problem, but I
>> somehow doubt it.

>> Is ubifs somehow very memory hungry (does it need much memory to move
>> eraseblocks around?)

> Do we have a general memory usage problem?  (Note: i'm running a
> openwrt-_trunk_ nightly build from a few weeks ago)

small update: didnt have time to check in-depth, but I did at a "opkg
update" that day, which fills the tmpfs, which might be responsible for
the loss of free RAM.

also, stracing emacs, I saw it loading lots of charmaps on save, maybe
triggered my multibyte characters in my file.  they took what was left,
and may be the reason for the OOM kill.  Looks like ubifs is off the
hook for now :)

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