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Wed Jun 22 00:32:14 EDT 2011

I followed the steps in this guide¹, then added the following lines to
the "nanonote-plugged-in" script:
ssh root at bennanonote "date -s $(date +%Y%m%d%H%M)"
ssh root at bennanonote "/sbin/hwclock -w"
scp -r root at bennanonote:/root/ /home/user_name/nn/
scp -r root at bennanonote:/etc/ /home/user_name/nn/

My additions just backup my Nanonote and set the date, but you can do
practically anything. Note that this requires passwordless login. A bit
tricky to set up, but well worth the effort.
¹http://en.qi-hardware/wiki/Ethernet_Over_USB under the "Making it
Persistent" section.
* Llu?s Batlle i Rossell (viriketo at wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 06:48:20PM -0700, useingubuntu at wrote:
> > I use SCP and a simple udev rule to back up my home directory
> > automatically when I plug in my Nanonote. I also use SCP for file
> > transfer.
> > * jon at (jon at wrote:
> > > So I want to talk with you all about how you sync and backup your nanonote.
> > > If you are like me you are using rsync to do this.
> I use rsync when I have some 'master copy', but I use unison when I really need
> synchronisation.
> I have not tried unison in the nanonote though, but I use it with a sheevaplug
> and mips64 machines. I'm not aware of its memory requirements. In the nanonote
> I've put the files I wanted to keep in sync in a DVCS (fossil), then the
> synchronisation goes on easily, if you are fluent in the DVCS.
> Regards,
> Lluís.
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