openwrt-package openwrt-xburst branch RENAMED

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Tue Jun 21 04:21:55 EDT 2011


since the 'trunk' branch compile pretty good, we decide:
rename 'master' to 'backfire'
rename 'trunk' to 'master'
this is done on openwrt-package.git[1] and openwrt-xburst.git[2]

the mainly update is:

Update your local git repo:
backup you no-commit change by git stash, or committed by format-patch -n)

 git fetch -a          #update with server
 git checkout -b temp  #goto a temp branch
 git branch -D master  #remote the old master
 git checkout -b master origin/master #get the new 'master' branch
 git remote prune origin #cleanup the useless remote branch
 git branch -D trunk #if you have trunk branch in local, you can delete now

restore by git stash pop/git apply 000*


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