RFC: Small additions to the atusb driver code

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 22:20:53 EDT 2011

On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 9:42 PM, Stefan Schmidt
<stefan at datenfreihafen.org> wrote:
> Hello.

Hi Stefan,

> We never meet each other so you may wonder what I'm sending you here. :)
> I got 6 atusb sticks to use them in my diploma thesis and Werner was kind enough
> to forward me a, maybe outdated, version of your usb skeleton for the atusb
> driver.

I haven't done any work on this for a while ... but I plan to get back
into it ...

> I spent some time to get the the ieee802154 stack up on my laptop and starting
> lookign through your code and the the at86rf231. During this I came up with to
> little patches. Not sure if they still apply to your current work tree or might
> already be no longer needed. Its up to you what to do with them. The first one
> could as well be a switch/case but I'm always to lazy for this with only three
> options. ;)

Thanks for the patches. Is the code in a GIT repository anywhere? We
should use standard git patches, with signed-off-by etc things.

> The second one helps us to get rid of the double probing of the driver as it
> does have two interfaces. We only care about interface 0 here. At least that is
> my understanding.

I will have to go back and look at the documentation, but you are
probably correct.

> I'm also wondering how we could sync best with the work on this driver. Werner
> is still musing about the overall architecture and I'm happy with a coding
> monkey role for this project. Also I have soem time pressure here as I'm needing
> this low level parts for some other aspects of my diploma thesis.

So, I have been looking through the protocol documentation to figure
out the framing and other issues, but with two of us working on this
perhaps things can move forward more quickly.

The things I think we need to do are:

1. Come up with a design for this thing, in turns of turning it into a
netdev device at one end (above it) and correctly handling the
protocol below it. This can perhaps be done in conjunction with
Werner, especially since it would be good to re-use code for the
SPI-interfaced version to be used on the Ben.

2. Decide on a git repository for committing code ...

3. Perhaps have weekly IRC meetings where we go over what we plan to
do in the following week ...

4. Perhaps finish of this driver to expose all the relevant registers
via /sys/class/xxx/etc

Anyway, if you can attach the patches as git format-patch patches I
will apply them to what I have got, but we need to get it into a GIT
repository some where.

Richard Sharpe

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