new faster atben kernel driver

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Jun 26 06:41:16 EDT 2011

I just merged the ben-wpan-atben branch into ben-wpan on
git at

This adds the spi_atben driver for atben, replacing spi_gpio.
spi_atben [1] is heavily optimized for the Ben hardware. The
average throughput for copies to/from the transceiver's frame
memory with spi_gpio was about 0.82 Mbps. With spi_gpio, it's
4.2 Mbps. The theoretical maximum the transceiver allows would
be 6.76 Mbps.

When building the kernel in the ben-wpan branch, the config
option for spi_atben will show up as
  ATBEN 8:10 SPI interface (SPI_ATBEN) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
I've also included it in the example config file [2]. Note that
the latter doesn't include the MMC driver. Still need to think
about how to share the 8:10 card slot between the two drivers.


- Werner

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