problems compiling emacs natively on the nanonote

Niels Felsted Thorsen nift at
Mon Jun 27 14:07:12 EDT 2011

David Kuehling <dvdkhlng at> writes:

>>>>>> "Niels" == Niels Felsted Thorsen <nift at> writes:
>> Hi I'm very happy with emacs on the nanonote in the official
>> image. Using it with org-mode for notetaking. However it takes forever
>> to start up (~74 seconds measured here), and emacs on debian on the
>> nanonote starts up in a few seconds. As I understand it, it is because
>> emacs build under openwrt, there is problems running the "second
>> stage" in the build process.
> The latest emacs package in openwrt-packages.git now performs 2nd stage
> compile using qemu (which is now also packaged and built as a
> dependency).
> I'm currently only building for openwrt-trunk which has a newer libc
> than the last stable image.  You can either backport emacs and qemu-host
> packages to a toolchain that matches your firmware, or upgrade to a
> recent nightly build, try this:
> Then use the 23.2-5 packages of emacs from here:

Hi David

This is really great! Tested your emacs packages on the recent
nightly build you linked to and it is a pleasure to have emacs
starting in just a few seconds :) 



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