FYI: my FISL slides

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at
Wed Jun 29 17:04:52 EDT 2011

wow I love the slides dude! , I have a another presentation on mid
July in Bilbao and I think I will
definitively revamp this one ( maybe I Victor will add some more
desing , and I will add some more penguins) but the messages is clear
and is quite impresive see all achievements all together :) GO!
Qi-Hardware GO!!!

Do you have it in "editable" format to translate it?

2011/6/29 Werner Almesberger <werner at>:
> I've uploaded the current version of the slides of my talk
> (tomorrow):
> If you spot any big mistakes, please holler. (By mail - my
> IRC access isn't reliable at the moment.)
> - Werner
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