FYI: my FISL slides

Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Thu Jun 30 05:41:54 EDT 2011

Op 30-06-11 01:26, David Reyes Samblas Martinez schreef:
> 2011/6/30 Werner Almesberger<werner at>:
>> David Reyes Samblas Martinez wrote:
>>> wow I love the slides dude!
>> Thanks ! :)
>>> Do you have it in "editable" format to translate it?
>> But of course:
>> LaTeX source, Makefile, etc.
> you can't go the easy way with Open/Libre Office, isn't it? :P

I can't resist to quote the introduction of the TeXbook, Knuth's 
description of TeX (written in 1983):

 > TeX is primarily concerned with high-quality technical manuscripts:
 > Its emphasis is on art and technology, as in the underlying Greek
 > word. If you merely want to produce a passably good document
 > — something acceptable and basically readable but not really
 > beautiful — a simpler system will usually suffice. With TeX the goal
 > is to produce the finest quality.

Even though the world of computers has changed a _lot_ since 1983, IME 
TeX still is the best system for writing really beautiful documents. And 
in fact, it is also the simplest if there are formula's in it.


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