Ben Nanonote as AM transmitter (without additional hardware)

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Thu Jun 30 23:55:54 EDT 2011

Hi Arti airk

Thanks for the email.

I just tried compile the tempest for eliza, it is compiled just fine:

OpenWRT package makefiel:

after install in Ben nanonote. you can run:(read here for more info:
  # tempest_for_eliza 105000000  320    240      1400   10000000 /usr/share/tempest-for-eliza/songs/forelise 

the screen do display something like:

but I don't have AM radio for now. so if someone can make sure if this is working with AM radio?

On 06/27/2011 05:41 AM, arti zirk wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I found a program called Tempest for Eliza[1] which generates AM signals using the LCD screen 
> (at least it works with my laptop and desktop computer).
> If anyone has free time, please try if it works on Ben nanonote.
> I can't test my self because i haven't bought Ben nanonote yet.
> (Little note, Tempest needs a little rewriting that it would work without x11 because as far as I know
> Ben nanonote doesn't have x11 )

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