Ben Nanonote as AM transmitter (without additional hardware)

David Reyes Samblas Martinez dsamblas at
Mon Jun 27 03:39:41 EDT 2011

El 26/06/2011 23:41, "arti zirk" <itra123 at> escribió:
> Hello everyone
> I found a program called Tempest for Eliza[1] which generates AM signals
using the LCD screen
> (at least it works with my laptop and desktop computer).
> If anyone has free time, please try if it works on Ben nanonote.
> I can't test my self because i haven't bought Ben nanonote yet.
> (Little note, Tempest needs a little rewriting that it would work without
x11 because as far as I know
> Ben nanonote doesn't have x11 )
Jlime (the alternative nanonote distro) has x11 so anyone can try there
> Arti Zirk
> [1]
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