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Fri Mar 4 04:04:06 EST 2011

Hello Open and Libre WRT people,

 in the period I have been using LibreWRT, I have learned a lot and will share my observations.

 Despite there being no volume control in GMU or on the console, I was surprised to get any sound at all without a fight.

 Since the only text editor in sight was vi, I got cozy with Harley Hahn's "A Student's Guide to UNIX" and read the chapter on vi to learn to use it.

 One good thing was that GMU could be multitasked without blanking the screen every 15 secs like it does in OpenWRT currently. I could type and hear my jams simultaneously.

 top does not work well, there is no alternative (OpenWRT has htop)

 One bad thing is that I was still shackled to QWERTY despite LibreWRT being "libre" I hope this will change, but it was not easy from what I was told ( I think I have to recompile the whole image?)

 About Gmenu2x

 The battery Monitor is broken- with a fully charged battery, it showed I had zilch left. A little unsettling actually.

 The fact that it shows SSD usage is interesting- I wonder where that went in OpenWRT?

 The CPU icon does not work in showing mhz

 About GMU 0.7.1

 the tremor vorbis decoder v1.0 makes Oggs from a particular album I listen to sound better than the 12-14 OpenWRT Image. It seems odd, but go figure.

 gmu seems to be in random play mode by default and I am not sure what it means that a little circle appears next to a song when you hit enter.

 I think that about covers it, I should be learning more as I build my own LibreWRT (which should work now) and learn about the internals a bit.

 One last thing for the Libre WRT guys/girls is: who made your ascii art for the bootup message, and how could I change it?

 Thanks to all and I hope this improves Open AND LibreWRT
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