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Mark Tuson markfptuson at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 16:50:50 EST 2011

I've always been under the impression that the NanoNote was nothing more 
than a toy. I use mine for a bit of programming (yeah, I've even done 
some serious stuff on it), but I mainly use it for taking notes and 
impressing people with the smallest Debian laptop.

Yeah, getting more stuff to work on it would be cool, and it'll 
doubtlessly happen, but let's not start trying to make it /useful/ just 
yet, because I fear that if we do, we'll end up with another palmtop 
like any other. All I want, right now, is a bigger screen and a touchpad 
(or similar device), so that I can run TWM on it without having to use 
my VAIO as a terminal.


On 04/03/11 19:41, Jane Andreas wrote:
> Just thought I would offer some reflections and comments on what I 
> hope the next Nano is. First of all, my approach since 2007 when I 
> searched for the HP Jornada has been to migrate almost completely to a 
> mobile platform. The more the next nanonote lets me not use my laptop, 
> the better. The 2 main things that would do this on the hardware side 
> are USB Host and wifi. with a good browser, I would seriously almost 
> abandon my laptop. On the software side, I need things that let me be 
> creative without being heavy. The main things we are lacking now are 
> (as I see it and for my particular needs):
> image/photo editor (cropping, resizing, adding text, other basic 
> functions) my thinking is, that if on-board camera interfaces can do 
> it, why not the Nano?
> music tuner (preferably one that displays exact frequency of input)
> graphics creation program for something other than ascii art
> some way of writing and synthesizing midi files
> So basically as odd as it sounds, I strive for a laptop-replacement 
> media studio in my pocket type of device. It does take compromise, but 
> nowhere could it work more than with Free hardware AND software. I 
> think it is almost feasible on the Ben, so for sure on the Ya
> one thing I could not abide is if the cpu on Ya were to gererate any 
> heat making unit warm. I would say it is always easy to want more and 
> if we jump to a 700 mhz cpu, we will not have optimized efficiently 
> our MIPS one. Also, if we add parts that take more cpu, the potential 
> of higher clock speed is spent on just controlling those things.
> I will stop rambling now and leave you with food for thought. Thanks 
> for listening
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