mplayer with video acceleration

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Sun Mar 6 18:45:26 EST 2011


just made video acceleration work with mplayer on NanoNote.  currently
no scaling, merely YUV->RGB conversion done in hardware, but this
already speeds up video decoding a lot.

If you want to try it, get mplayer package and from

put to /usr/lib and run mplayer with -vo fbdev:vidix

This is still very incomplete, and very hacky.  We might want to move
some of the vidix code into the kernel (and i'd appreciate help with
that, but one step after the other).  The vidix driver source is
currently hosted on sourceforge, and I'd happily give commit access to
anybody willing to move this ahead faster than I currently can:

Note: this driver messes with the NN hardware, make sure you backup any
important data before trying it.  Also no checks in place, don't try to
play videos greater than screen size etc.


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