mplayer with video acceleration

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Mon Mar 7 05:43:51 EST 2011

>>>>> "Cristian" == Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas <paul at> writes:

>> just made video acceleration work with mplayer on NanoNote.
>> currently no scaling, merely YUV->RGB conversion done in hardware,
>> but this already speeds up video decoding a lot.
> Are you using SIMD some how emdebed in the code as assembler for this?

No SIMD, no assembler.  Just programming the image processing unit to
read YUV data from one part of RAM, and writing the result to the
framebuffer.  Everything in a pipeline with the video decoding (double
buffered), so actually running in parallel with the CPU.

>> Note: this driver messes with the NN hardware, make sure you backup
>> any

> Can you be more specific with the mess part? i mean you already
> noticed a side effect after running this mplayer?

No didn't notice any side effects.  But if you try to play videos
greater than screen size, the DMA engine may write somewhere it isn't
supposed to write.  This is very low-level, so a bug may cause pretty
severe side-effects (in the most likely case, just crashing the NN).

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