avrdude and UART renaming; avrdude clock output

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Mon Mar 7 15:33:41 EST 2011

I made a few changes in the ben-blinkenlights project:

- moved the avrdude/ directory from under uart/ to the top level,
  i.e., it's now called ben-blinkenlights/avrdude/ instead of

  Note: this changes the location of the patches as well.

- "UART" is an overly generic name, so I renamed the UART
  sub-project to NXUART (usually lower-case). NXUART was chosen
  by a fair 3:1 vote on #qi-hardware and stands for "NanoNote
  External UART"

- I added an option the NanoNote driver for avrdude to output a
  clock on the 8:10 card interface. This is useful for AVRs that
  are expected to operate in general with an external clock, e.g.,
  supplied from the NanoNote.

  The syntax is  -x clk=N  where N is the desired clock frequency
  in MHz, where N has to be an integer.

I also changed the NXUART project to set the clock selection fuse
to the external clock and to make use of avrdude's new ability.

Note that the name change also affects the name of the programmer
definition (in avrdude.conf) for NXUART: it is now called

- Werner

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