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Is there a good way to connect this with milkymist dev too?

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On Mar 6, 2011 9:19 PM, "William Calderón" <wec999 at> wrote:
> Hi, everybody
> I want to make my undergraduate thesis, joining an embedded system (SIE, i
> hope) and a wireless sensor network. But I don't want to use zigbee
> (proprietary), i want to work with 6LowPan (open source). I am looking for
> lot information (the most important but I don't have
> clear what modules buy, where to start. All the 6lowpan use
> microcontrollers?, Do I have to create drivers for the modules with the
> of SIE?, it's better buy a developer kit? Which modules or chips do you
> recommend?
> I think in this moment that the project is this: SIE with a "daughter"
> connected to fpga. (user interface with ingenic, fpga-driver hdl-module
> 802.15.4 Coordinator), and a few modules endpoints-microcontrollers with
> sensors separate. (Am I killing my self? :P)
> I appreciate your responses
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