CPU choice for YA

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Wed Mar 9 08:13:57 EST 2011


> I happened to notice that the new Dingoo A380 handheld game
> console will use the Ingenic 4755 at 500 mhz. I am pretty
> sure with its low space tolerance , they are not going to
> be using a fan.

Fan sounds scary indeed, sometimes I forget that some computers
still use fans...

> Maybe we can consider it for the YA?

When comparing the 4755 and 4760, I wouldn't know why not to
choose the 4760 right away, after it has matured a bit more.
DDR RAM and USB OTG are just two of the many good features
in 4760 (and not in 4755).

BTW - semi-related - Ingenic has recently started to publish
the full programmer's manuals for all their chips, including
4755 and 4760, without NDA

Happy hacking,

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