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I'd love to get a UBB or two for my Ben. Happy to pay too. I've even managed to mine a few bitcoins a few months ago that I could throw your way.


Chris Troutner

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>>>>> "Ron" == Ron K Jeffries <rjeffries at gmail.com> writes:

> David, If you are up for attempting a shipment to USA I'd like to
> order qty 1 or 3 UBB. Payment by PayPal I assume?

Hmm, I forgot that outside the EU there is no way to transfer money for
free :/ I'm not a big friend of PayPal.

What about using that opportunity to try and use bitcoins?  A currency
that's not controlled by any government or authority, doesn't that match
the open source community's spirit?  No problem if it doesn't work or
loses value.  I could send you the UBBs for free as well (just to make
sure Paypal doesn't profit :)

> Just a hunch, but taping one UBB in a greeting card might sail through
> all the bureaucratic stuff

> Since I am borrowing a Nanonote, I'll include a UBB when I return it
> to its rightful owner, who is a true hacker.  He also has one of the
>  Tiny 2 Arduinos, so who knows...

Well, send me mail address any quantity in private mail.  I can wrap it
in a birthday card, but with all that metal in the UBB, I have my doubts
that it's not noticed by customs.  But then it looks like a present, and
cheap, so maybe nothing to pay for you.  Hopefully they'll not mistake
it for a letter bomb :)


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