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Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Mar 14 21:32:49 EDT 2011

Hi, we have a few twitter and accounts that are more
or less dormant: (82 members) (153 subscribers, 17 groups) (312 followers, 22 lists)

I am a big fan of twitter and and facebook and others,
but I see two practical problems for our accounts now:

1) Even though I asked a few people, nobody stepped up in
maintaining these accounts for a number of months now. I
am mostly active on the mailing list and in IRC, that's enough
for me.

2) Even if someone would step up, we don't really have a center
but more of a decentralized structure. So should anyone even
be the 'spokesperson'? There are people like Werner, two Davids,
kyak, Jane, Xiangfu and others (not even including Milkymist
One now) who might as well speak (or not) for the project.
So maybe the accounts should be turned into simple lists? Kind
of like a twitter or copyleft hardware planet? But
who is interested in a combined stream of messages from
copyleft hardware users?

If I hear totally nothing on this, I will probably just delete
the and twitter accounts. It's hard because I am sure
there are real people there who would love to stay in touch,
and who will get disconnected if we are most active only on
the mailing list or irc, but I feel no account is still better
than a dormant account. That feels like a trap to me...

Thanks for any feedback and suggestions, Cheers,

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