xburst tools for ARM

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at tuxbrain.com
Wed Mar 16 03:11:05 EDT 2011

Michael, I have compiled binutils on Ben , and someone else had
compiled the kernel in ben also, the GuruPlug have a lot more muscle
and memory and xburst-tools are smaller than mentioned buildings, I'm
sure you can native compile xburst tools on it.

2011/3/16 Michael Hunter <tahoemph at gmail.com>:
> I got a ben a while ago, hadn't done much with it, and then bricked it recently.
> Normally the machine I have with me runs *mumble* which I use
> virtualbox on top of to run various things.  From the docs it didn't
> sound like that was good enough to reflash a ben.  So I thought I'd do
> it from my GuruPlug.  I have a USB drive to store the images on but I
> don't think I have enough memory to run the compilers if I wanted to
> build the xburst tools (still might try).  Anybody have the ARM
> binaries for the xburst tool set?  I couldn't find them online.  Or
> I'll try to cross compile them myself.  Gulp.
>                             Michael
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