Been looking at the circuit for the ATUSB

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Mar 27 01:27:20 EDT 2011

Richard Sharpe wrote:
> Current progress:

Whee, that was quick ! Excellent progress !

> Now to add sysfs entries for various registers when I can figure out
> what they mean ...

Ah, we have another goodie in the project, the data sheet viewer:

- first,

  git clone git at

  at the same level as ben-wpan and all the rest.

- create a convenient means to run eda-tools/dsv/dsv
  (e.g., I just symlink it from my $HOME/bin)

- cd to ben-wpan

- download the data sheets used in the project with

  make dsv

After that, when your current directory is anywhere under ben-wpan,
you can pop up xpdf with, say, the AT86RF231's data sheet with
dsv at86rf231  or a shorthand like  dsv rf231  or  dsv txrx
(BOOKSHELF has more details)

You can change the PDF viewer to something else than xpdf by setting
the environment variable DSV_PDFVIEWER

- Werner

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