A Rusian Nanonoter needs help with customs.

dmitry at obscurehalt.org dmitry at obscurehalt.org
Thu Mar 31 12:29:26 EDT 2011

> Hello all,
> we are on a hurry next day 6 of April (not a month like he
> specifies)the Nanonote will come back to spain, leting this dude
> without his beloved NanoNote, anyone with enough experience or acces
> to Rusian administration to  try to do something? at least if not for
> this one for future Rusian Nanonoters?


I'm on the list now. I don't know how much this topic is appropriate to this
list, so please pardon me in advance.

I don't think there is a workaround currently because Ben NanoNote is a
microcomputer that have a cryptographic software installed by default and
it makes it covered by the current import restrictions in the Russian
Federation, even for personal use. The only way to overcome this is to
register NanoNote in FSB, which implies some actions from two sides at
least: 1) the NanoNote manufacturer (or its representative); 2) the Russian
legal person (some business) interested in importing this device to the
country. It is also possible to use a help of some broker company to let it
deal with FSB.

AFAIK most of IT companies are undertaking this weird registration in Russia
without a problem. I don't know if Qi Hardware (or maybe Tuxbrain?) is
concerned enough to bother, though.

(Well, there's another option: to brick the NanoNote by removing its
software, so it would have no cryptographic features, and ship it like that
to Russia, officially. But I doubt this is reliable because it is a
customer who'll need to prove it each time at customs.)

Regards, Dmitry Samoyloff

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