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David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at tuxbrain.com
Thu Mar 31 12:34:20 EDT 2011

2011/3/31 Werner Almesberger <werner at almesberger.net>:
> David Reyes Samblas Martinez wrote:
>> Werner it should be not better to program bootloader and firmware at
>> once, from the  atusb-pgm , instead of having to flash and then upload
>> firmware?
> You can do that, but it will take about 8 times as long with the
> current avrdude, and still twice as long if we change avrdude to
> "perfecly" optimize the upload. (1)
> Flashing 4 kB via DFU takes maybe 1-2 seconds, as opposed to ~15 s
> with avrdude. You need to connect it to a PC for testing anyway,
> so if you flashed everything in one go, you'd just spend something
> like an extra hour ((2), best-case) pushing pogo pins, plus
> someone else would have to spend a day or so teaching avrdude
> better table manners.
> (1) The original avrdude flashes from address 0 to the highest
>    address used. With my skip-low-addr.patch, it flashes from
>    the lowest to the highest address used. Application and boot
>    loader are both around 4 kB and live at opposite extremes of
>    the 32 kB Flash.
> (2) Calculating 135 units, 90% yield, 70% success ratio for
>    Flashing (you'll not hit the pads or slip off every so often)
>    15 seconds each would be 43 minutes. As you grow bored and/or
>    annoyed, your failure rate will go up ...
I have an idea to enhance your atusb-prg, improving the atusb end with
a clamp , to not need to maintain my hand occupied holding the cable.
this should be enough , also I want to separate process, flashing from
testing, to do one process at time. for the first ~100 units batch,
one nanonote would be enough and 15s isn't enormous amount of time and
, unplug plug to a pc flash, and change to test will also consume some
seconds. but if the flashing and testing are separated, one person can
flash meanwhile other is testing already flashed .

Also if all flashing is done in one step , and the demand requires
more prodution ratios,  I have in mind to do a "flashing machine" with
bare NN boards(Wolfgang please quote me 40 of this, please to have an
idea of costs) (minimum as many as atusbs in a panel (30-40)with a
powered usbhub mess and atusb-prg cables inside :P ,all NN with a
diferent IP and a script on a pc sshing comands to those NN to flash
in paralles all atusbs of the panel) so 30-40 in 15s is also a good
ratio for me :),

So please let me insist in showme the way to flash bootloader and
program at once even with actual avr-dude (also usefull for me to be
able to flash arduino sketches with arduino bootloader ) and make me
happy ... please[1]

> - Werner
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