factory-programming atusb

Werner Almesberger werner at almesberger.net
Thu Mar 31 14:09:34 EDT 2011

David Reyes Samblas Martinez wrote:
> I have an idea to enhance your atusb-prg, improving the atusb end with
> a clamp , to not need to maintain my hand occupied holding the cable.

Yeah, that should be easy. When preparing the shipments I considered
making a piece of wood that would act as protective casing but also
as a simple fixture, but eventually decided against it because it
would have meant even more delays.

> this should be enough , also I want to separate process, flashing from
> testing, to do one process at time. for the first ~100 units batch,

Why ? For testing you need to connect to USB anyway. You may as well
do the DFU first. When done, it will jump into the application, so
you don't even need to unplug.

> Also if all flashing is done in one step , and the demand requires
> more prodution ratios,

Your bottleneck may be testing. Unless you're prepared to set up
properly shielded RF test chambers, you'll be limited by
interference between devices. In practical terms, this means that
you can probably only test one device at a time.

Testing will take a few seconds, so you wouldn't gain much by
having massively parallel flashing.

> So please let me insist in showme the way to flash bootloader and
> program at once even with actual avr-dude (also usefull for me to be
> able to flash arduino sketches with arduino bootloader ) and make me
> happy ... please[1]

Heh, I did something like this once at Openmoko, for the HXD8
project. I think I did address assignment by making the devices
show up by their default address, then bring up one interface
after the other, SSH into the device, and change its address to
a unique value. Then proceed a usual.

- Werner

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