Replaced libtheora

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Tue May 3 04:55:54 EDT 2011


I just created our own libtheora package in qi-hardware's
openwrt-xburst.git, overriding the one from the one from openwrt.

This is to fix performance issues with the openwrt version.  We now use
a much more recent version (1.2.0alpha1), and compile with -O2 instead
of -Os.  Especially motion compensation code runs now much faster (this
uses memcpy() for a few bytes of data, which needs -O2 to be properly

To make the build system use the new version you need to do

./scripts/feeds uninstall libtheora
./scripts/feeds update
./scripts/feeds install -p qipackages libtheora 

For testing, a binary package can be found here:

With mplayer I can now play back a few 320x192 at 30FPS videos with lots of
motion that used to have problems with the older libtheora.

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