Does Ben NanoNote have a USB Host port?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sun May 8 00:38:00 EDT 2011

> Does Ben NanoNote have a USB Host port?

No, only USB client.

> The specs are a little unclear.

Where did you look at? Let's just add a short list of things that it
does not have, like USB Host, Wi-Fi, Android, ...

> If it does i was thinking we could use the (formerly zydas 
> 1211 or 1211b chipset) Atheros ar5524 802.11bg usb.

Won't work.

> Also Is there anyway that we could make the nanonote (perhaps with 
> jlime) use a browser (kind've used somewhat like a pda?) or would the 
> low amount of RAM hinder that?

There are several browsers running on the NanoNote today, but they are
mostly very low-end or text browsers, like lynx, links/elinks. Not sure
about w3m, netsurf. No way you can compare this to the browsing experience
on an Android or Apple device.

> I haven't been able to find a SDW-821/823 has anyone?

Maybe still has some, but they are prohibitively expensive and
not fully supported or recommended. If you have to have one, try to find
someone who is successfully using one first, and listen to them. I gave
away my last one to kyak, and it doesn't work for him...

I hope this helps, thanks for asking,

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