Problems with Jlime toolkit

Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at
Fri May 13 03:47:42 EDT 2011

Hello All,

 I am trying to compile an instrument tuner for Jlime (either FMit or Lingot), but my quest screeched to a halt after an error.

 I am using this page:

 note that line 6 of the last box before the "Testing local opkg-target" heading contains the "
 mipsel//etc/op" error I am not sure if it is supposed to have 2 slashes, but I removed one. when I try to update opkg-target, I get: eka at eka-laptop:~/jlime-toolchain$ opkg-target update /home/eka/jlime-toolchain/usr/local/jlime-2010.1/mipsel/bin/opkg-cl: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Please help a noob like me, I simply want a digital tuner for my guitar/flute/trumpet/etc. But I do not mind getting sucked into the geek Free software world If we do not adapt and customize it (tuner programs) , what good are the 4 Freedoms? I await a solution Thanks (of course I would like to get it running in OpenWRT too, I just am running Jlime right now)
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