Problems with Jlime toolkit

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/I would /be glad to "test on target" (target = Nanonote?) I am just not sure how. Being so close to the goal, I would like to know how to put all the pieces together to get this thing running. Thanks for being patient.
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 2011/5/13 Jane Andreas <JaneAndreas at>: > Hello All, > > I am trying to compile an instrument tuner for Jlime (either FMit or > Lingot), but my quest screeched to a halt after an error. > > I am using this page: > > > note that line 6 of the last box before the "Testing local opkg-target" > heading contains the " > > > mipsel//etc/op" > error > I am not sure if it is supposed to have 2 slashes, but I removed one. > > > when I try to update opkg-target, I get: > > eka at eka-laptop:~/jlime-toolchain$ opkg-target update > /home/eka/jlime-toolchain/usr/local/jlime-2010.1/mipsel/bin/opkg-cl: error > while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object > file: No such file or directory > > > Please help a noob like me, I simply want a digital tuner for my > guitar/flute/trumpet/etc. > > But I do not mind getting sucked into the geek Free software world > > If we do not adapt and customize it (tuner programs) , what good are the 4 > Freedoms? > > I await a solution Not sure about Jlime toolchain but I have made recipe for lingot after your first letter about it. It is still untested on target (only build was tested). I don't like commit another untested recipe to OpenEmbedded tree (like I've done already for aewan and gpredict).. I've attached both git patch and recipe itself. It would be great if someone will test it on target. Then I'll push it to OE tree. -- Yury Bushmelev
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