more sophisticated ways for updating the atusb firmware

Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Mon May 16 03:49:45 EDT 2011


On Mon, 2011-05-16 at 04:39, Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> > Are you actually using two different PIDs for normal operation and DFU
> > mode?
> Hmm, once I had wormed my way through the convoluted bureaucracy of
> USB, I realized with happiness that one PID should work for both
> cases, as the interface descriptor would clearly distinguish the
> different uses.

Well, it is only a suggestion in the DFU spec. You can still go with
one PID. Personally I see benefit in two different PIDs clearly
seperating the DFU and the normal operation mode though.

> But now that you mention it, there does seem to be a general
> reluctance to make full use of the wealth of information the
> standard obligates us to provide ...

Thats the normal practice in dealing with big specs, no? Just get the
minimum running and go with it. ;)

> > Given that qi-hw has an own vendor ID I think it would be easy enough
> > to apply another PID for this. What do you think?
> Alright, I'll dig out those PID application forms ...

Thats how Wolfgang descriped the Qi process for assigning new PIDs :)

Stefan Schmidt

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