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> Thanks!
> I haven't received it yet, but it's on Russian Customs now, as I can tell from the Russian Post website.
> BTW, I started translating the Ben NanoNote Wiki category pages, creating the <articlename>/ru pages if they don't exist and also adding {Languages} to the top of the page if it isn't there :P. If you want to see my translation, I have already translated the "FAQ" page and started translating the "Applications" page this morning.
> Also I plan to try to participate in the NanoNote personalities program, as I think I am good enough with building software images and also I can draw in gimp pretty decent.
> I have tried to build the image on my Debian VM in VirtualBox on my Macbook Pro, but when I was installing some more stuff the dpkg crashed because there was no disk space left and I was unable to fix the package system so I would be able to at least remove some stuff to free disk space, and I had to create a bigger VDI and dd the /dev/sda into /dev/sdb and then manually extend the partition to fully take the whole VDI. 
> I wonder if it's possible to get NanoNote to display Cyrillic characters :P.
> Also I'm gonna learn C soon and try to make a basic grid sequencer app for the text mode or maybe using Qt, because I am (for some reason) programmer+musician+designer+translator :P.
> As a programmer I work myself, but my latest (and I think the best)  project is for the iPhone and I need to pay $99 a year to Apple to publish it and they will still take 30% of my revenue! What a f--kup! That's why I decided to go the open way. Yes, Apple makes neat products, but why the hell I need a phone that tells them where I am? However, Android isn't open either. The core components are, but they AFAIK haven't released the Honeycomb source and they don't plan to! 
> As a musician, I just sometimes do covers and mixes or even make my own music in many genres, like Pop, 8bit, etc. I then put it on :P .
> As a designer I work with GIMP because Photoshop isn't open and it's expensive as hell. If I would be able to pay for Photoshop, why wouldn't I just pay a designer to make me an app design? :P
> And as a translator I work just to make people who speak one language understand those who speak a different one, and also I sometimes get paid for it. Last time I worked as a translator it was translaring's mira app into Russian. I got a free license and thirty bucks :P. 
> And many people get amazed when I tell them that yesterday I am (now) 14 years old :P.
> Sorry for such a long letter, just no one understands me, especially when I talk about these computer-related things :(.
> Thanks!
> -= Vladislav Korotnev =-
> On May 17, 2011, at 10:58 , Yi Zhang wrote:
>> Hi Vladislav,
>> Happy Birthday - sorry it's one day too late! Have you gotten the Ben NanoNote yet?
>> Best,
>> Yi

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