Down with QWERTY! (with pictures)

Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at
Wed May 25 02:34:51 EDT 2011

I have done a caveman mod of my Nanonote keyboard to show that there are some people who would like something other than the standard keyboard option. Looking back, I should have done the following:

 use "exacto" knife to slice rubber membrane from behind at the intersections.
 scrape key off leaving border intact
 this would make for a key that can be inserted and removed from behind the metal plate, but would hold fast once assembled

 hopefully I am clear enough, now lets see what a mess I ended up making...

 First I popped the keys out, for the most part they came out cleanly, but some ripped nastily.

 Then I rearranged the keys but saw that they did not fit snug into place.
 I arranged them, carefully flipped them over, and applied fabric paint as adhesive.
 Then I smeared/blotted the paint so it would not be so thick as to hinder key pressing.
 Then I just replaced the piece.
 Note that there is some oozed paint visible which I have not removed and also that this hack/mod only deals with HARDWARE, unfortunately Colemak layout is not set up yet...

 The glue may not have been neccessary if I used the mentioned method in the beginning.

 Thank you for reading and long live Nanonote and Qi improvement, no matter how small we are!
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