mesa 3d on Ben?

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Tue Nov 1 12:21:05 EDT 2011

 On Tue, 01 Nov 2011 01:37:22 +0400, Peter Zotov wrote:
> Peter Zotov писал 01.11.2011 01:35:
>> cenobyte at писал 31.10.2011 21:49:
>>> Thanks for the heads-up, if no one integrates this into OpenWRT, I
>>> will for sure in my own image I'm working on. I did not find any
>>> screenshots.
>>> Do you think this would perform better than opengles?
>>> I am essentially trying to build a studio-in-my-palm which includes
>>> creative programs that are lightweight like csound, aseprite, 
>>> povray,
>>> jdkdrum, and, with some type of 3d, maybe a polygon modeller like
>>> wings3d.
>>> Thank a lot.
>> ...
>> I am quite sure that fixed-point 3D libraries for embedded systems 
>> do exist,
>> but the interface certainly will not be compatible to OpenGL.
> Sorry, I just realized that the above paragraph is bullshit. OpenGL
> ES does have
> fixed-point API, and it is implemented in e.g. libfixgl[1]. The
> latter works on
> GP2X, so it will work on Ben as well, they're quite close by 
> hardware.
>  [1]:

 WOW. This is almost better than I could've hoped for. Thanks for 
 uncovering this!

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