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Wed Nov 2 00:41:25 EDT 2011

 Hello Wolfgang,
 My Mom wanted me to ask you this specifically. ;)
 She bought a couple of Zipit Z2's that we thought would be better than 
 my Nano, but boy was she wrong (according to her). Even with 1230 Mah, 
 it does not even get 4 hours battery life. In addition, if you re-flash 
 wrong, you have to solder the motherboard. Our seller tried to pass off 
 used units as new and one AC adapter was shot. The fact that we needed 
 an AC adapter at all irked her a bit. She had complained of how small 
 the nanonote screen was, but after seeing that the 2.8" zipit screen was 
 OK, she warmed up to the Nanonote. The fact that you cannot connect to a 
 computer (ie usb, or even serial) also annoyed her. My personal qualm is 
 that the stock firmware comes with a nasty copyright which prevents 
 modifying, studying etc. It's what Stallman would call a "dirty license" 
 especially since they took gpl software and packaged it with non-free 
 stuff. (tivoisation much?)

 Her question is when the next nanonote is projected to be released. She 
 has been quite anxious for the one with USB host, as I'm sure a lot of 
 hackers are...
 If the new nano will not be ready anytime soon, she is willing to get a 
 Ben, say for Christmas time, as am I since I have learned firsthand that 
 there is nothing like even the first humble installment of qi-goodness.
 A remarkable fact to me is the electrical freedom one has with the Ben. 
 It can charge via any 5v or under USB source and uses so little power it 
 can use cell phone batteries. The world of laptops, for example is 
 almost totally without such freedom The only computer I know of without 
 a proprietary battery is the Norhtec Gecko laptop which runs on AA's.

 "keep up the good work and crank out that Ya nanonote!" -from my Mom

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