Tests of I/O on various SD cards using Bonnie.

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at gmx.de
Wed Nov 2 16:46:44 EDT 2011

Hi Delbert, 

thanks for the writeup.  Maybe this should go into the qi-hw.com wiki,
many NanoNote owners will find this useful.

>>>>> "Delbert" == Delbert Franz <ddf at sonic.net> writes:

> 5.  Using Ext4 without a journal is slightly faster on writing.

Have you tried mounting ext4 with option 'nobarrier'?  Recent kernels
enable write barriers by default, reducing write performance a lot, when
the underlying device supports barriers.  Looking at dmesg you should
see whether barries were in use.

But looking over your tables, the differences between cards aren't very
noticable, anyway?


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