battery hack pictures and updates on the EasyBoost

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Sun Nov 6 13:11:02 EST 2011

 Hello everyone,
 as you may know, I succesfully ran a 3.7v battery on which the contacts 
 did not match the Ben by running raw wires from the Ben terminals to the 
 + and - terminals of said battery. Here are some pics of how that went 
 proving that it worked. There are also pics of my most recent keyboard 
 mod, which is simply painting all the keys grey with diluted acrylic 
 paint (brush style). I have since removed the paint and have found my 
 missing F key that I had to hand-make a replacement for, so I will be 
 rearranging the keyboard to qwerty layout since the action really is 
 best that way. WHat I may do is just paint over some keys (the letter 

 Anyway here is the first wave of pics:

 Now what I did recently is to get some insulated crimp pin connectors 
 from RadioShack so as to have nice battery pins. I found an Altoids tin 
 that matched the size of most of my cell phone batteries lying around at 
 3.6-3.7v. I drilled 2 holes so far into the ends where the contacts line 
 up and put the pins in the holes, making a sort of makeshift battery 
 pack. So far the holes only fit one type of battery, the Motorola BQ50, 
 but I just need to drill new holes for the other 3 or 4 types I have. 
 Then I can adjust the battery contacts just by moving them into the 
 right holes (like playing BattleShip!:)) I have not crimped wire onto 
 the pins yet, nor have I decided what to do about the Nanonote terminal 
 side. I did get some 300V 18 gauge wire that should do quite nicely once 
 I find out how to strip, crimp, etc. properly. Perhaps I could make a 
 balsa wood faux battery that would sit in the nano and run wires out 
 from that to the tin, only I'm not sure how I would make the contacts 
 for that battery or how I would attach the wires. (soldering?). The good 
 thing about this hack is that it does not require a circuit booster like 
 the MintyBoost does. Any help or feedback is highly appreciated, thanks.

 When this hack is better, it will allow use of ANY 3.7v cell 
 phone/other battery on the Nanonote. (and there are a lot out there)

 here are the prototype pics:

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