what to to if Scons required?

cenobyte at dragoncrypt.com cenobyte at dragoncrypt.com
Mon Nov 7 10:15:17 EST 2011

 I am wondering how to make a makefile if the program requires being 
 built with Scons?
 By the way, I am looking at Xiangfu's makefile for Csound and see that 
 it is broken. This may be for several reasons. one of which is that 
 csound needs soft-float kernel. Another is that which I mentioned, from 
 version 5 on I believe it must be built with Scons, not the normal make 

 I just found that 'make kernel_menuconfig' allows you to check fpu 
 emulation in openwrt, which I did. I have not remade the kernel because 
 I want to have a good makefile for Csound. Perhaps what I found will be 
 of use...

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