Experimenting with other GUI's?

cenobyte at dragoncrypt.com cenobyte at dragoncrypt.com
Mon Nov 7 10:28:16 EST 2011

 Hi all,
 I am wondering how one would go about trying out other WM's on the Ben? 
 I have begun an OpenEmbedded Tree but perhaps it is best to stay within 
 the qi-openwrt home base for now. The ones I am interested are Icewm, 
 fluxbox, and E17(enlightenment). Would it be easy to switch out any of 
 these for Gmenu2x while doing little? I don't want to have to make a 
 whole new OE distro (at least not yet, and not if I don't have to). It 
 would be cool to have access to all the qi-goodness, but with a 
 different GUI.

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