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Tue Nov 8 22:23:28 EST 2011

 On Tue, 8 Nov 2011 17:33:58 -0300, Werner Almesberger wrote:
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>> in my tests, there was no shorting, but I do need a piece of
>> something to make the batteries fit snug in the tin anyways.
> Yeah, preferably something elastic or the contacts will be very
> unreliable. Ideally, you'd use spring-loaded pins to make the
> contact, so that you don't need to push the battery.
> You may be able to find connectors with suitable spring-loaded
> pins in old mobile phones or you could buy a new connector.
> Alternatively, you could also use pogo pins, but you won't find
> them at Radio Shack. Consider these product categories:
>> so the pins touching the metal wall of the can is ok if it is just
>> on the outside? The wood would sort of prevent the pins from
>> touching the inside of the tin?
> Was thinking of something like this:
> The only things crossing the wall would be the isolated parts of
> the plugs. The metal pins would be covered by the wood. You can
> allow a tiny gap on the can side as long as you can limit
> movement of the wood block such that the can can't touch the
> pins. (It all would be easier if the pins were fixed. Then you
> could simply isolate things with silicone.)
> - Werner
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 The difference between that CAD file and my actual setup is that the 
 thin metal parts of the pins only pass through the holes, your file 
 shows the entire insulated circumference poking through the tin. That 
 would require me to make bigger and fewer holes. I have since made more 
 holes so that I could push the metal pins in to meet and fit many 
 battery types, that was a design feature I wanted to include. If I drill 
 big holes, I would lose that functionality, at least in that method.

 I did think about springs and will try to find some scrap for the 

 I will also get some thinner wire because 18 gauge is monstrous and I 
 accidentally got solid core.

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